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Reducing Conflict And Resolving Disputes For Massachusetts And Rhode Island Landlords

Landlord-tenant disputes can be both very costly and highly emotional for tenants and landlords alike. Even minor disputes can lead to contentious, ongoing litigation and a slew of regulatory hurdles and inspections that put a halt to your business. This is especially difficult for landlords whose property is also their home.

At Driscoll & Driscoll, P.C., our attorneys draw on decades of experience resolving landlord-tenant disputes. We know the nuances of Boston area housing that others overlook because we have led the housing associations that make and enforce regulations. Speak to our attorneys about your rights as a property owner: 508-674-0020.

Getting To The Matter At Hand In Landlord-Tenant Disputes

In landlord-tenant disputes, a seemingly small conflict can quickly balloon, turning a seemingly small problem into a legal nightmare. This is true regardless of who originates the problem. We can effectively resolve issues such as:

Tenant nonpayment
Property damage and repair issues
Property in disrepair or that is no longer habitable
Noise complaints
Pets on property
Criminal activity

We work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. You do not need to live with the stress of an ongoing landlord-tenant dispute.

When You Can No Longer Settle It Yourself, Give Us A Call

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